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    Sensor bot

    Medium to hard.
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    Three months
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    Sensor bot

    Completed sensor bot
    Tutorial below

    Attachment 1201

    Acrylic base 5mm, The two holes were used for securing a ply jig and a wood router was used to profile the acrylic.

    Holes drilled for the servos,casters and main cpu boards.

    Placement of main CPU board

    Paper removed from acrylic sheet.

    Bluebell design co-processor board, The start of inserting components, Ic sockets and header pins.

    Bluebells co_processor board, Underside.

    Bluebells co_processor board, Mylar caps installed.

    Bluebells co_processor board, Resistors installed.

    Bluebells co-processor board, Electrolytic caps installed.

    Bluebells co_processor board, Crystal and header blocks installed.

    Parallax BS2P40 Demo board with stand off alloy brackets.

    Parallax BS2P40 Demo board underside and alloy stand off brackets.

    Parallax BS2P40 main board and BS2 syntax manual

    Terminal blocks left for battery termination,and right Fuses. Also wire holders, These are the type found for house hold cables.

    Two alloy brackets for holding the servos, Servos are continuous rotation type.

    Parallax wheels with servo horn bolted through with the help of a bit of cyno glue.

    LEGO Technics wheel glued onto the Parallax disc.

    Wheels mounted to servos.

    Next a set of casters that match the height of the bottom of the servo wheel so that when the base sits flat on a table there is NO rocking of the base.General hardware store.

    Servos and casters mounted.

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    People yearn after this robotic dream, but you can't strip your life of all meaning, emotion and feeling and expect to function.

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    Very nice! Please give part numbers and sources for your components. It's easy to see sources for some stuff, but not others.

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    Re: Sensor bot

    robotguy: I have amended my post to include links, Thanks for the reminder.
    People yearn after this robotic dream, but you can't strip your life of all meaning, emotion and feeling and expect to function.


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    Re: Sensor bot

    Seems hard......

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