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Modified Lynxmotion J5

I have ordered most of my parts for this project now and should get them in the next two weeks, So I am looking forward to this project. I have to thank Andrew for ALL his help in acquiring the ITX and some other accessories for this project, Also for his permission to replicate this design.

I now have my Parts for my J5, They arrived a few days ago and I have laid them out so you can see just how many parts there are to this modified kit. Enjoy.

Here are a few pics before I open them up, I am looking forward to this project in conjunction with Tyberius's help.

Most parts Except the ITX PC components, These coming soon.

There are some parts that may not be used, But purchased them just in case I do.
More to come as I start building this project.

I have laid out the parts to look at and peruse through and get used to what they are and where they go.
Also note there are NO pico ITX parts shown here, These are being sent to me by Tyberious soon.

J5's Track and base parts.

ER1 in the background.

7 HR5990 servos top back row.

I am supposed to finish Wall-E first before I start this project, but the suspense is killing me
so I may have to do both at the same time.

All components for the track system.

Lexan sides and alloy blocks.

Alloy blocks bolted to Lexan.

Stand off's screwed to lexan.

!2v motors installed 50:1 ratio.

Alloy hubs.

Hubs attached to motor.

Sprockets with bearings attached.

4 Sprockets for drive system.

Sprockets and bearings.

Sprockets attached.

All six sprockets attached.

Nylon spacers for the stand off's on the side plates.

Nylon spacers fitted over the nylon hex stand off's.

Alloy stubs and bearings.

Track sides now together.

Tread components, These were pretty easy to assemble.

Assembled track.

Both tracks now assembled.

Tracks now laid over the side plate housings.

Lexan base and stand off's.

Top lexan sheet added.

Base fitted between the track sides.

Hitec servo programmer and HR5990 Digital servo, These are being used for the upper shoulder joints and elbows. This programmer is handy for testing each servo when setting up the joints.

Rotation base for J5. The 5 plastic balls need to be put on 400 wet n dry on a flat surface and a flat board on top of the balls and moved in a cirular motion to take any high points of the balls.

Plastic balls with pins inserted.

Plastic balls inserted into their recessed housings.

Hitec servo controller testing the rotational base.

Rotational components that fit on top of the base disc.

As above.

Bracket fitted to disc.

Brackets for the lower torso stage.

Drilling through alloy tube so I can insert two 3mm cap bolts both sides.

Alloy rod with end stops in place, This will be used for the torso.

All bolted together.

Attached to base and bracket on left for servo.

Servo bracket folded over.

Body bracket.

Body bracket.

Both brackets attached.