Building these is pretty straight forward, some soldering is needed but the trickiest part is making sure you line up the FSRs in a straight and even fashion.

Here are the parts for each Target Panel, you'll be assembling 2-4 of these depending on your mech type. The 4 brown/green sensors are your FSRs. The Acrylic Backing is the main support for your panel, it is the thicker of the two pieces of plastic and has a brown backing that will need to be peeled off; this is what you adhere the target panels to. The Lexan Damage Shield has clear plastic that needs to be peeled off both sides, this goes over the FSRs, sandwiching them between the damage shield and the acrylic backplate. The PCB is meant to connect all the FSRs together with the resistor and cable installed. Pretty simple.

You'll use 2 pieces of plastic for each Target Panel; one thick piece and one thin. The thicker one with the brown paper is going to be the acrylic backplate, the thinner one with the clear plastic covering is going to be your lexan damage shield (goes on top of the FSRs). Peel the paper and plastic off of these, don't mix them up.

Each FSR has a sticky backing. It's a bit tricky to peel off, but if you lightly bend a corner of them you should have no problem. Be careful when sticking these to the acrylic backplate, they're very hard to get off once placed. I suggest you lay the 4 FSRs down on the acrylic backplate before removing the sticker backing to get a feel for how you're going to lay them out.

Carefully remove the sticker backing off of each FSR and place/arrange them to the acrylic backplate (the thicker one that had the brown paper) as shown:

The 2 pin ribbon cables coming off of the FSRs should wrap around back and be inserted into the PCB holes on the side borders from the underneath. Note: SOLDER THE FSRs INTO THE PCB AT A LOW TEMPERATURE! - Avoid prolonged exposure, it can warp the thin cables. Resistor goes in R1, interface cable plugs into the bottom 3 PCB holes. You'll have received either a yellow/red/black or a white-strip/black/black cable, just make sure the yellow or the white-stripe cable is soldered into 'S'. I handed these out at pretty long lengths, feel free to trim yours down to a more suitable length.

You can attach the PCB to the acrylic backplate using velcro or double-sided tape. Make sure that if youre going to take advantage of the 4 holes and mount those to standoffs, etc, that you get your screws in before you tape it down!

Now align the Lexan Damage Shield (this is the thinner one) over your FSRs.

You can attach the lexan shield a couple different ways; spray adhesive works great but if you want yours to be a bit less permanent, just use some electrical tape around at least 2 of the borders and wrap it behind. This is more than sufficient, just make sure you attach it so that the lexan isnt flexed and is flush against the FSRs. Also: Feel free to paint/decorate the Lexan covers any way you like. I know they're a bit bulky but consider them 'jerseys', you don't necessarily have to have them mounted at all times if you want to take some vanity shots of your mech, only needed during match time! That's it!