Tutorial: PIC 16F877A Tutorial for Beginners

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    PIC 16F877A Tutorial for Beginners

    Easy to Moderate. Tutorial is meant for people new to the PIC16F877A microcontroller who want to use it to control their robot. For beginners & inexperienced, there is a fair amount of information & explanation of robotics, programming, & electronics, when it relates to specific issues to the task at hand. (example: explain why a pulldown resistor is important in the tutorial on switches)
    Estimated Time
    Initial setup for the first tutorial, LED blinker with the PIC, could take up to a couple hours (getting all the parts together, wiring the breadboard, figuring out how to compile code & load it onto the PIC). After initial setup, the other tutorials should take less time, at least for the sensors. The H bridge tutorial will take longer because of the need to write your own code for the H bridge and needing to read the H bridge datasheet and run lots of wires.
    Skills Required
    Basics of C programming & simple electronics. Not more than what is in "C for Dummies" and "Electronics for Dummies".
    Parts Required
    See tutorials.

    The tutorials written for the PIC16F877A, but it could be that the tutorials' code is applicable to similar PIC models by Microchip. I have not tested the code on any other PIC but you can try.
    Tools Required
    Basic electronics, robotics workbench tools. There are many resources on Internet advising you what to buy for electronics hobby projects.
    Free PIC16F877A tutorials for hobby robotics projects. Covers hooking up the PIC, lights, sensors, motors, print debug messages to screen, useful miscellaneous advice, and helpful diagrams. Each tutorial has a list of parts, instructions to hook up your circuit, the code you should run, and advice about various things.

    This tutorial does NOT cover robot construction, only how to perform common robot tasks with the PIC16F877A microcontroller.

    If you have a robot body, you can have your robot sensing things and moving around with the help of this tutorial.
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