Tutorial: BEAM Robotics Walker Tutorial

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    BEAM Robotics Walker Tutorial

    Easy to moderate
    Estimated Time
    4 to 6 hours with activities, 2 hours to just read
    Skills Required
    Use of multimeter
    Use of power supply
    Parts Required
    Resistors, capacitors, motors, 74HC245, 74HC14, batteries
    Tools Required
    Jeweler's screwdrivers
    Alligator clips (might come in handy)
    Multi meter
    Light source (table lamp, for example)
    Needle nose pliers (only if fingers are too big)
    Antistatic mat or bracelet

    This tutorial (attached PDF file) contains 40 letter sized pages of information about Walkers for people that are entering the exciting field of BEAM robotics. If you are starting out with this technology this (perhaps not so) brief introduction will help you get started, explaining what BEAM is and presenting a basic description of the electronic components that are used by this robot. The tutorial is a PDF file that you can read using any compatible PDF viewer.


    Introduction to BEAM – What is it? Who is behind this?
    Electronic Components – Description of the components used in the tutorial
    How Does it Work? – Description on how featured Walker works
    The Circuits – Description of featured circuits
    Let’s Do Something – Hands on activities using some of the featured components
    Pics of Some Walkers – As the title says, pictures of some Walkers
    Link – Links to useful websites for further more detailed research

    A Caveat

    As mentioned in this description, the tutorial contains many links to more information and resources. Due to the dynamic nature of the Web, I can’t guarantee that these links are all functional. If you should find a broken link let me know and I will make a reasonable effort to locate a working URL to the resource. I will update the document and repost an updated copy. Since a lot of online material was written from 1998 – 2003, some information may no longer be available.

    Note: I just loaded the PDF file using the FoxIt viewer and found that the links were not active. I don't know enough of this viewer to determine the cause. Tested with Acrobat Reader, no problem there.
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