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    What is bridgeware?

    Short answer: Bridgeware are components that bridge the gap between the worlds of computer programming and electronics.

    Longer answer: Bridgeware components translate the signals of external electronics hardware into a signal a computer can understand. They can be thought of as a form of adaptor board or signal converter board. Essentially bridgeware allows computer programmers to interface with electronics such as sensors and motor controllers right from their native programming environment. Most bridgeware comes with a software API which expose particular device functions to the developer. Some bridgeware has simple common serial interfacing and it's up to a developer to create their own API/Wrapper. Either way bridgeware allows programmers to do one important thing; reach out off their computer screens and allow their code to interact with the real world.

    Who uses bridgeware?
    Bridgeware components are used in robotics, home automation, data collection, RFID, and other similar areas. Bridgeware is most often used by educators, students, hobbyists, researchers, small businesses, and even artists.

    What can I do with bridgeware?
    The quick answer to that is, just about anything your imagination can think of. People build robots out of their PCs, automatic dog feeders, backyard water spraying defense systems, grill temperature monitoring systems, science experiments, school projects, quick pay RFID systems for restaurants, and all kinds of other fun projects.

    Any kind of bridgeware boils down to one of two main types of actions, sensory input or control output. Just exactly what you do with these two things is totally up to you!

    Where can I see a list of all the types of bridgeware available?
    Funny you should ask! It just so happens that we are the largest retailer of bridgeware. You can browse the catalog to see what kind of bridgeware components are out there.
    I/O Boards & Robot Controllers
    Motor Controllers
    Or visit the whole Robot Parts Section to see everything

    What else should I know?
    Below are some video introductions to help explain bridgeware further. If you have any other questions or want to talk to people about project ideas you can join our community and participate in the forums here.

    A quickie video introduction to Bridgeware
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhvERXQWQNo"]YouTube - Bridgeware Intro Trailer[/ame]

    An extended Bridgeware introduction video

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_gto3YIpT0"]YouTube - Bridgeware Extended Intro Tutorial[/ame]

    Further Reading: An Introduction to PC Based Robotics

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