Tutorial: Getting Started with Arduino

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    Getting Started with Arduino

    Estimated Time
    1 - 2hrs maybe longer but I highly doubt it
    Skills Required
    Parts Required
    Arduino Duemilanove\Diecimila or a clone
    Jumper wires or hookup wire
    Sensors and other Bric-a-brac!
    (I will show you how to use an Ultrasonic range finder, IR Range finder, LED, Pot and Servo)
    Tools Required
    Soldering Iron - If I can solder you can too! Its not nearly as hard as it seems, I have a total of 4-5hrs with a soldering iron and most of the is in the last 2 months (it also depends on the sensors you have)
    It all starts with this little microcontroller!

    The concept is pretty simple though it can be very intimidating at first. Simply put, A microcontroller is a device used to interact/interface hardware and software. In our case the Ardiuno is a powerful little device programmed using a set of C/C++ functions.

    The quick and dirty "Why is the Arduino so cool?"
    Its a simple to use, easy to program physical computing environment.
    What is Physical Computing? Simple, computers that interact with the physical world through an number or inputs and outputs(Servos, IR Sensors, Buttons, RFID Tags etc...)

    Key Features:
    • Inexpensive
    • Simple programming IDE
    • Cross Platform
    • Open source (Hardware AND Software! How freakin' cool is THAT!)

    Here is a pic of all the shwag we will be playing with!

    Getting Started
    • Downloading and installing Software
    • Connecting to the PC
    • Hardware basics

    • "Hello World"
    • Button Mashin' Madness!
    • The Pot is calling the kettle!
    • Range me Seymore! Part A & B
    • All UR Servos are belong to... (ok I'm running out of ideas!)

    Advanced (But not really)
    • Pan and Tilt Servo Control with Pots
    • Combining a Servo and Range sensor (Your own mini RADAR!!!)
    • Serial Input/Output
    • Advanced Hardware options (Clones and other versions)
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    Re: Getting Started with Arduino

    excellent choice for a tutorial! I can't wait to see it when you're finished

    �In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed�
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