1. Install WifiPad on your iPhone from the Apple App Store..

2. Install the WifiPad server app from http://wifipad.com onto your PC. Assigning a server name is optional, or you can connect using IP address later. Now is a good time though, using ipconfig.exe to find out your host PC's address on your local net. Click on the WifiPad Server app's D-pad and buttons and assign them some keys on your PC keyboard you'd like to control your bot. (direction arrows, num 1-9, W,A,S,D, whatever...)

You'll have to enable a couple ports on your firewall to allow your PC to communicate with the iPhone. Under Windows Firewall settings, Uncheck "Do Not Allow Exceptions", if it is checked. Then, on the "Exceptions" tab, create ports for UDP 8989, TCP 8989 and UDP 8990. I recommend you use the "Change Scope" button to only allow access to your local subnet.

4. Configure whatever software you use to move your bot to respond to keyboard input. I use Lynxmotion's Visual SEQ.

5. I'll open the 'Advanced Play' module in SEQ and map some sequences to my cursor keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT) and the spacebar.

6. Ensuring you have wifi enabled on your iPhone, launch WifiPad. It should scan the network and find your WifiPad server. Alternatively, connect using the IP address of the host PC you have WifiPad server installed on.

7. Have fun!

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